Now here is how to edit you netlabel page on the wiki.

1. Once you have added your netlabel to our Netlabels page, Click on it. This will take you to the "create article" dialog box. Select one of the options then "ok".

Now we can start Editing. If you are coming back after already adding it then go to your netlabel page and click on "Edit Page".

Adding Headers

Simply click on the dropdown box underneath the "Text Appearance" heading above and choose the section header you wish to add.

Adding a Genre

To get your netlabel listed in a Genre, go to your netlabel page and click on "Add Category" at the bottom of the page. Add the genres you wish.

Adding Artists

When adding an artist section to your netlabel page it would be preferable that you create internal links instead of external so that the artists can be added to the wiki.

However you add an artist list you can use the bullet option to list them which is under the "Text appearance" section in the page editor. Once you have pressed the bullet button you can now begin to list the artists by creating links by pressing the "Link" button in the same section as the Bullet button. Remember, it would be better if you use the internal link option instead of the external option so that your artists can be added to the wiki.

Adding RSS Feed

Use the RSS tags like in the below example straight onto your page.



Sections to Consider

You might want to consider adding these sections to your netlabel page to add as much information as posible.

  • Description
  • History
  • Artists (remember and turn it into a link to make an artist page on the wiki)
  • News (you can use an RSS Feed for this
  • Releases (you can use an RSS or Podcast Feed for this)